Data Platform

Graphtec GL7-V

Voltage Module for GL7000(10ch)

10 Channels
1 k Samples/s (1ms interval)
 Fiyat Sorunuz

0,00  EUR +KDV

Graphtec GL7-L/P

Logic/Pulse Module for GL7000(16ch)

16 channel

Specific connector
 Fiyat Sorunuz

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Graphtec GL7-M

Voltage/Temperature Module for GL7000(10ch)

Channels in 1 module:10 channels
Max.sampling speed in the module:100  Samples/s
Built-in RAM
Built-in Flash    100  Samples/s
SD card            (10 ms interval)
 Fiyat Sorunuz

0,00  EUR +KDV

Graphtec GL7-HV

High Voltage Module for GL7000

  • Part number GL7-HV
  • Manufactured by Graphtec
  • 2 channel
  • 16 bit resolution
  • Supports up to 1000V
  • 1MS/s maximum sampling rate
  • Real time RMS measurement
  • Built in RAM: 2,000,000 data
  • Fiyat Sorunuz

0,00  EUR +KDV

Graphtec GL7-HSV

Hıgh Speed Voltage Module for GL7000(4ch)

Channels in 1 module:4 channels
Max.sampling speed in the module:1 M Samples/s
                                                 (1 μ interval)
Built-in RAM:1 M Samples/s
Built-in Flash:1 k Samples/s   
SD card:1 k Samples/s        
SSD3:1 M S/s (1 μ interval) 
Fiyat Sorunuz

0,00  EUR +KDV

Graphtec GL7-DCB

Strain Amp Module

  • Part number GL7-DCB
  • Manufactured by Graphtec
  • 4 channels
  • TEDS compatible
  • Carries internal bridge
  • Low-pass anti-aliasing filter
  • Meets low-pass, high-pass, band-pass needs
  • Simultaneous sampling
  • Input terminal shape: DSUB 9-pin female
  • Fiyat Sorunuz


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Graphtec GL7-DCO

Voltage Output Module

  • Output voltage range: +/- 1, 2, 5 and 10V FS
  • Sampling speed 100kS/s (10µs)
  • Output connector - SMA, all channels are common ground
  • Output target: Voltage module, Voltage/Temperature module,
  • High speed voltage module, High voltage module, DC strain module, Charge module
  • Temperature and Humidity data is not compatible
  • Sine wave, pulsed wave, simple arbitrary waveform/DC voltage can be output via PC software
  •  Fiyat Sorunuz

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